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Become a Business Partner

One of the many services Big Lakes’ provides are employment opportunities for the clients we serve. Our clients have many skills to share and Big Lakes seeks out partnerships in the community to match their skills with business needs. Our clients specialize in small parts assembly, mailings (whether that be folding, stuffing or labeling), collating, and assembling product boxes, just to name a few. They take great pride in their work and their impeccable attention to detail. With the right training, provided and supported by the Big Lakes staff, our clients can perform an essential service or skill to help your business be successful. We currently have 18 partnerships in the community providing essential services for throughout the year. Parker Hannifin, Army Corp of Engineers, Hobby Lobby, Clay Center Landfill, and Twin Valley, are just a few of the businesses we work with, both on or off-site. These partnerships play an important role for our clients to learn vocational skills, gain independence, earn a paycheck, and gain confidence and growth in their abilities. Take a moment and think back to your first job as a young adult; some of us might need to think farther back than others! Do you remember the pure joy and excitement you felt when you received that first paycheck? Remembering, wow, I worked hard for this, and this money is mine! Our clients feel that sensation every time they learn a new skill or complete a job well done. Your business could be part of this amazing experience. Reach out to Karen Mitoska today and learn how you and your business can benefit from the work our clients can do for you and also be a part of something very special.

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