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Big Lakes News Crew

Reporting on all things happening in and around Big Lakes and the Community!

The Big Lakes News Crew, a collaborative effort between our clients and staff, made its debut in March 2024. Each month, our clients step up as anchors, broadcasters, and weather reporters, choosing the activities they are most passionate about to report on. This unique blend of community involvement and professional guidance is what makes our News Crew truly special. We have successfully broadcasted four episodes on the Big Lakes YouTube Channel and Facebook page, averaging 300 views across platforms.

News Crew was created to share post community events with the individuals in services so they can choose activities of interest to participate. We took this to the next level by reporting on those events that are happening in the community.

“I love witnessing the creativity, dedication, and excitement of our clients who have helped bring the news crew to life! When the video is broadcasted, there is nothing better than hearing everyone laugh, cheer, and exclaim, ‘Hey, that’s me, I did that!’” -Rachel Blochlinger, Work Skills Coordinator.

Click the link to watch the latest broadcast!

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